honestly i tend to exaggerate myself/my feelings a lot on my liveblogging posts; you probably shouldn’t take anything i say to heart unless i outright say i’m being serious

Don’t be too excited…to reach season 5….(stares vacantly at the floor)

…all I’m excited for is the puppet episode though?  

requested: sarah michelle gellar


can we just talk about queer representation in always sunny because this is really important to me

  • main gay character who isn’t stereotypical
  • main asexual character who isn’t aromantic and who also isn’t some emotionless blub
  • main bisexual character (only confirmed in interviews but you don’t need to pay much attention to see dennis is queer as shit)
  • did you catch that? i repeat, 3/5, a majority of the leads, are queer, dang
  • recurring transsexual character who, despite being the butt of some jokes, is consistently shown to have a successful happy life (and whose treatment improves with each appearance, showing that the writers strive to avoid being transphobic despite writing characters who very much are transphobic)
  • the recurring trans character and her husband (did i mention they were an interracial couple? that’s rad too) become parents and there are no jokes/comments about how they’re unfit to raise a kid
  • there are a number of one-off queer characters who are rarely if ever made to be the joke; the jokes always swing back to calling out the protagonists on their poor treatment of said characters
  • tl;dr: it’s always sunny in philadelphia has a hella queer set of respectfully-written characters and utilizes these characters to comment on homophobic/transphobic culture rather than on “lol the gays”

What are you so afraid of!?

I’m REALLY sorry but it looks like they’re about to rap battle
all i can see whenever i see that puppet is frank castle and i cry every time

oh mY GOD

other better things happen before that tho don’t worry!

GOOD. good