hello friends!  do you like tea?  do you like Evangelion?  do you like both of those things? 

over the summer i made some Eva blends on Adagio and this is really just a post to say i recently fiddled with some of them to make them tastier:

  • Shinji: mocha nut mate with hazelnut and assam melody.  i tend to prefer really strong/substantial teas, so this one is my personal favorite; it’s almost like a coffee.
  • Kaworu: cream earl grey with almond and vanilla.  it’s very mellow and buttery, definitely a dessert tea if that’s your thing!
  • Rei: crisp and refreshing citrus and cucumber green teas with peppermint.  i think i prefer this one iced, since it lets the teas’ individual flavor notes stand out better, but it’s not bad hot.  
  • Asuka: i think this was the one i had to change the most- now it’s pretty much a hardcore chocolate chai, instead of chocolate chai with strawberry (the strawberry tea ended up overpowering everything else and it really wasn’t my jam).  really good first thing in the morning when you need a loud caffeinated punch in the face!

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